Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym

Graduation Day

The naked conversion hypothesis

I woke up groggily with the feeling that I had just had one too many drinks, save for the memories of adventure prior to my concussion. No one else was to be seen so I assumed that they were either resting up or carrying out what ever task they desired. Normally I would be all up for looting the joint but right now I could barely think straight.

That was when Korath entered the room requesting aid which I was more than willing to supply, am I getting too soft? I barely question Korath’s judgement and leadership any more. By his side we went to go find Rindle but the little chap seemed out of sorts so we left him to himself.

Korath’s request for help was to explore a dark mysterious passage way. The air was thick with the sense of danger and I was keeping a keen eye out when all of sudden I saw a mass of spiders descending from the ceiling. I look for a weak spot on the wall and found none. Unsure as to what I wanted to do I stepped out the way and let Vanya and Korath deal with it. The spider family was dead in a matter of minutes and though I knew it was necessity for us to defend ourselves I could not hel but think what would Rindle think.

Vanya and Korath tried to hide the bodies before we continued our examination of the hall way. We found a crack in the wall which my short dexterous body managed to squeeze through. On the other side there was a boring secret room, the only interesting part of which was a door which I opened. Upon opening this a bedroom appeared but what was very clear to me was that there was a secret cupboard behind a bookcase which I unwisely opened.

As I opened the cupboard a heavy bony figure fell a top of me and I let out a blood curdling scream of terror as it knocked me to the floor. This rallied the rest of the gang to my side including Rindle. Once up I was too shaken to immediately be of use and was recalled to the room by Korath’s request that I help to open a lock, an easy job for someone with my talents. Inside there were bundles of papers which I left Korath to sift through as he is the book wormy sort and I have found that studying has little advantage in this world.

I wondered over to Rindle in another room and back to Korath and Vanya idly scanning the rooms which is when I heard Vanya instruct Korath to follow her. As the only member I am still somewhat decidedly unclear about I decided to follow Vanya and Korath and we ended up in a store room which Korath inventoried as we proceeded to carry items back to our cart and once loaded up and the party reunited we set off for the guild.

Upon arrival the Prince was waiting… I am sure I say Vanya’s chest flush and her checks darken a shade or two on perceiving him. He showed us to a room, his chamber and proceeded to congratulate us on a fine job. I sat quietly waiting to be out of the room, thoroughly unsure how to behave when in such grand company. However I had learnt one valuable lesson: do not attempt to steal from people when you fear the repercussions that they maybe to inflict upon you. So I sat patiently for the congratulations to end however upon receipt of reward I was drawn back to the conversation as the prince handed us two gems each. They sparkled in the light and were worth a small fortune.

Upon the end of the conversation I asked the Prince if he knew of anyone who could deliver valuable items to out of state areas, he instructed me of a delivery system that I could use which was located within the guild hall itself. Then I was most delighted to see Vanya begin her wooing attempts and I jumped straight to her side in my attempts to help. Though the conversation did not seem to be going particularly well the overall ending was satisfactory as the prince offered to take the shield to dinner in the evening, but both me and Korath decided to politely decline finding ourselves ‘busy’ with other plans. After a little thought and maybe a little persuasion light throttling Rindle decided to decline the invite too.

Korath was most anxious to make it to his graduation and to deliver the Growing Kobold’s stolen produce to Bert so once out of the Prince’s company I had but a few moments to speak to the delivery man I had been informed of. With Vanya’s help I procured an agreement for the two gems I had been rewarded to be sent to my family and we rapidly departed heading to the growing Cobalt and then onwards to the magic university.

When dropping of the stock to Bert he suggested that he required a change in premises and it was upon hearing this that the plan was hatched to purchase the Growing Kobold and set it up as our groups HQ.

It was at this time that Vanya approached me with the offer of a celebratory drink. I agreed and followed her to a private quarter, here she showed me a note that I would have believed to have been crafted by the black iron gang. It cryptically spoke of the orb which was in Rindle’s possession and requested our compliance in handing over the artefact.

We chose to meet the note’s writer in the market place in the afternoon to ensure that the meeting was out in public. I tried to hide my involvement in the conversation until near the end when Vanya broke my cover, which is when the conversation changed foot. I am not one for being taken advantage of or for showing when I am intimidated. Believing myself in the presence of Black Iron gang I was very tart, trying to hide my anxiety and curiosity, however our companion informed us that he was not a member of the gang. He spoke in riddle of the court of miracle and suggested that if I was worthy I would know the name of the people he spoke on behalf of. I bluffed a bit and suggested I would find out.

I tried to find out who they were by speaking to Thirmore (Morey) but I had little to go from. He told me that he would help but in return I should owe him a favour, I agreed without a second thought. Being my oldest and most beloved friend I would have done him any favour without any sort of repayment. We left the meeting and I felt most delighted to be of use to Morey.

We then proceeded to the college it was time for the graduation ceremony. Korath and I were both greeted and commended on our graduation. Korath turned to me perplexed that I should too be graduating when I had not studied with the university but our entwined fate was explained to us. I am now officially a seeker, basically I find magical stuff and retrieve it. I get to steal things for the good of society, I can’t say no to that. The world needs someone in its corner I can be that half of a person.

The ceremony itself was way too fancy for my taste and waiting for my name to be called was nerve racking but as I approached the stage everyone in the crowd was suddenly naked. This was mortifying as I was on stage with Korath and was handed my certificate by an elderly wizard whose shrivelled privates were enough to turn any woman.

I quickly hurried off stage to which I was greeted by the gang all attired in there most delightful birthday suits. The prince was there too stood next to Vanya and I was very much surprised to realise that his show of power and grandeur was definitely compinsating for his lack in other ‘talents’, which I touched upon with Vanya briefly. I was soon in an even more uncomfortable position as a master wizard came up to congratulate me, his scrotum so loose and wrinkly that it resembled the skin of a prune. It was a ghastly sight as I he began to embrace me my face was inches away from his over growing main of downstairs hair. However once I had endured that ordeal everyone’s clothes reappeared, I guessed that Rindle had something to do with this unfortunate event and was a little peeved. I needed a drink.

We headed to the cocktail bar as Vanya departed for her date and once there I was about to order waters (as Rindle had brought us to the most expensive tavern in the whole of Tangsgym or so it felt to me) but he cheerily offered to cover the tab, so instead I offered a fine spirit. There was however some confusion with the bar staff who Rindle seemed to be having some difficulty with but that seemed to be soon resolved.

We were taking a spot in a room on the second floor of the tavern when there was an horrific sound from outside. Korath rushed out leaving his drink and so I simply downed them before following him out, never let a fine drink go to waste is what I have been taught. I drunkingly wobbled and tumbled down the stairs to find a most confusing sight. A dead body, Vanya look most horrified and an intimidating figure who was obviously the cause of the raucous. I was not appreciative of such an interruption but it was soon ended as the violent creature disappeared into the night.

It turned out that the dead body was that of our Carl (Nigel Brian) who I had no attachment to but the rest of the party seemed rather shocked and horrified, Rindle took it particularly badly exclaiming that everyone he cared for kept dying. I felt a pang of pain at his heartbreak but when you are as soft and squishy as Rindle you must get attached to whole bunch of people and that makes the odds of them dying way higher.


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