Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym

I'm having such a good time; I'm having a ball.

Taken from Andrin's journal.

Incident Report #322
Location: Prince’s Trust Guild
Time: 15:35
Type: Altercation
Details: Group ‘Enchanted Shield’ engaged several hostiles after an unprovoked attack on Lord Greyhawke left him dead. Hostiles were from an unknown group. Leader escaped, no other survivors. No casualties to the ‘Enchanted Shield’ group. Major concern.
Result: Investigation launched into whereabouts of the unknown groups leader and motives. To be followed up periodically.

Woke up in darkness this morning. I guess our group has made some sort of name for ourself, if people are after us. The shifty man in the corner questioned us, and our allegiances. In situations like these it’s no wonder we were all cautious. No-one wanted to give this mysterious stranger any concrete answers, and I don’t blame them. After much back and forth, it transpired that he’s a member of a group that works for the city; an ally. I must say it greatly frustrated me that such a tiresome situation arose when everyone was actually on the same page. It this sort of rubbish I want stamping out, so that those in positions of power actually use it for good, rather than wasting time.

Have sent a message to Feign requesting that I be taken off following up incidents of no concern. It such a waste of time for me when I can be out there trying to do some real good, and from the sounds of it I’ll be needed shortly, if there is to be a war. The request is of course merely a formality, I shaln’t be chasing up petty theft or tavern brawls whether the old fart chooses to grant it or not. Of course I’ll still be looking after all incidents involving the ‘Enchanted Shield’. Someone has to keep us out of trouble with the guard.

Met up with the Prince to discuss our next move. People outside were recruiting for this upcoming war. It seems that the group who attacked Greyhawke are trying to… resurrect? For want of a better word. Resurrect some ‘drowned king’. It was at this point that Vanya enchanted us with a fantastically sung poem telling the legend of this King Fool Character. The Prince informed us of a ball that he must attend, however we all suspect that this event will provide an opportunity for this drowned king group to make an attack. Through our adventures we have grown strong, and work much better together as a group. With adequate preparation, we shall attend the ball to thwart any plan of ill intent. Hopefully I won’t be writing up a serious report of it in the near future.


Samngliv Samngliv

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