Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym


One bad one good.

Dear Mar and Pop,

I am sorry that I have not written to you as often as of late. I have been too busy as of late, but rest well in the knowledge that I spend my time making the world a fairer and better place and it is your teachings and guidance that drives me now. Which gives me the strength to fight to make the world the place it should be. I must admit that there is a poignant reason that I write to you now and I shall quickly recap these events so that you may understand the turmoil which I now feel.

I will not describe in detail the events which led to my friends death for fear of worrying unnecessarily, but it was I who fished him out of the cold depths of the murky dock waters and I shall confess that I lost all control at the sight of his cold lifeless body. I remember very little of the events directly ensuing that moment but what I do remember is doing my best to save our brave comrade.

I do not believe I have spoken to you much of the group with whom I now call my comrades and so I shall endeavour to tell you a little about each so that you may have context for future letters. Korath is a brave but gentle man, his heart warm and giving. I cannot imagine a man of equal generosity, save for Thirmore who you have heard such glowing commendations but in Korath I believe I have found an equally noble soul. Then there is Rindle a sweet but highly chaotic young gnome who believes he is a dwarf, the less I try to explain the better but he too is sweet and naturally talented with animals (he reminds me of that girl you told me of… Snow White). Then there is Vanya she is a little bit of an unknown quantity but she seems to an adequate human being, she likes music… Finally there is andrin, he is a kurt and straight laced fellow. I think his heart of ice is in the right place.
But it was korath who I fished out of the water and who I pummelled furiously trying to reawaken the life which was leaving him, as tears streamed down my eyes. Eventually I was pulled from him as the others carried his body away, I helped to guide his head gently.

I was in a bit of a whirl wind when we reached the guild and I agreed to accompany andrin to see lord silverhand. Having much experience with the corruption of power I can guarantee that Lord Silverhand is exactly the sort of noble that has caused my distrust. He is a conniving son of a dwarf maid wench, more so on this occasion as he confessed to hiring us as a distraction. It turns out we were never suppose to stop the boat, that which korath gave his life for! I was fuming and it was with much hatred that I left lord Silverhand’s chambers.

When we got back the funeral was about to begin and throughout the entirety of the pre-service and actual funeral I found myself pondering much of life’s woes. I was very nervous that undesirables might have penetrated our gathering and was on high vigilance to begin with but as I had not found anything of particular significance I eventually settled a little.

The service began and when rindle took centre stage something magical happened. There was a tree, sparks and bang there stood a scary monster but it was actually our korath. Though his sudden appearance caused much chaos amongst the audience, and sensing some particularly troublesome vibes from a group in the corner I chose follow them.

This proved to be correct as yet again we found ourselves fighting a bad guy, those maniacal bladstrikes never take a break! I feel I dealt some serious damage protecting the innocence and fighting those demons of hell, but the leaders escaped. They own powers that I do not.

I managed to sneak my way back to the group without taking too many hits, but it is these events that remind me of the love which has guided me on my quest. They remind me the importance of your teachings and of how important our relationships are. You are my guiding stars.

Until our paths cross again hold my memory in your hearts.


Samngliv steffimcclean_1

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