Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym


A carved crystal case holds hundreds of handwritten letters.


Time has passed swiftly since I departed the Stone Forest and you. I think of you every evening as the dreams take me and each morning that I rise and realise you aren’t here. You would love the City Bel. Everybody has a story to tell and a reason to be and despite hardships they try to make the best of the life that they are given. I have tried to offer what semblance of hope I can to those who have been unable to help themselves but things are sometimes murky and muddled. Often death and blood is seen to be the only path worth walking. But as I say, memories endure and roots grow deep. I mourn the death of my friend Nigel, but celebrate his spirit and know that he now nourishes the earth I stand on.

I’m starting to feel more like a Stoneshed Beetle every day that I remain in Tint. As if I too am beginning to develop a rigid outer shell. I know ultimately that I must let this transformation occur if I am to continue on my quest and complete my list but where once I saw vivid colours I now see muted tones, shadows and secrets. My friends are each strong and determined to do what is right but sometimes I worry that they would embrace destruction, whilst ignoring life’s potential. I know too that they care for me but often I sense their frustration. To them I am but an autumn leaf, a fragile thing that is easily swept aside. But in truth, I have a soul born of the mountain. I will keep fighting for us Bel and hopefully soon we shall be reunited.

You should see what I can do with my projections now, their strength seems to grow each time I craft them. I am hoping that I can use them to assist Vanya Aeroniel, she got a whiff of some Blue Vine and it didn’t seem to agree with her. We had to restrain her after she lunged at Merora Baggins with a dagger. The men at the Tavern didn’t seem too pleased either, luckily we managed to escape but I suppose they won’t be happy till they have dealt with us. I think I will need to cheer Vanya up. She has had a rough time lately; she nearly lost her hands to frostbite and it seems she was once a slave. I don’t fully understand what that means but everybody seemed quite upset so it must be pretty bad. I will have to remember to ask Korath Alaskar about it.

We are off to hunt down the makers of the Blue Vine. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to study it, from what I have heard it seems herbal in nature. Turns out the shipment is being sent via boat. I can’t wait to be on the open waters again, hopefully there aren’t too many sharks. Anyway hope you’re enjoying your rest and that you enjoy reading this. Know that I miss you and hope that I can return to your side soon. May the stones forever guard your soul little brother.




Wow, Rindle writes so much more eloquently than he speaks….and by that I mean I’m surprised he could stay still long enough to write this…… oh Rindle.


love every moment of it


Sam read it to me and Stef over webcam and it was beautiful.

samngliv Melfordite

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