Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym

The depths of the blue (vine)

The blue. The deep deep blue. Everywhere, Blue. Blue…. Bluevine! I……my companions! Are they ok? The Black Irons! I did my best, I know that, never have I tasted battle like I did just then. Damnable drug fiends! Ruining the lives of so many in this city, that’s why…. that’s why we came. The boat. They were moving a shipment. I… what did… I took them out, drew fire away from my friends. The plan failed, our cover was blown. I knew I had to take them out, my magic fueled by the need to protect. They… what happened? They… they fell in fire and fury. Good, my friends are safe. The people of Tangsgym are safe. Rindle, Merora, Vanya, Andrin, I saw them all. Safe for now.

The Captain, he came from the ship. Furious, hating. No compromise. I tried, I did. He saw only the red of a lost drug deal. The red of flames upon the hull of his vessel. I exchanged blows, my magic dwindling, but still enough to keep my blade honed and my ward high. He fights like a demon, I barely match him but… I do. My training pays off, I think. I cut the pontoon free, cast him into the water, but he makes it to the ship. I hear Merora, she struggles, Vanya maintains her disguise, Andrin… I call for Andrin but Vanya comes. I hope he prevails. And Rindle is…Rindle is a spider still I think. I will miss him. But why would I miss him? I am… I am not willing to let the Captain flee and carry on his evil. I freeze his legs, weigh him down but he climbs to safety. The Ship begins to move, I will not let him get away. I use what little I have left, lightning pulling him off the boat into the deep.

But he lands. He is next to me, fighting. More swords, the clash of steel ringing. Merora surprises him, blinds him. She fights well, my companion. I slash, leg bleeding, crippled he falls. I kick, push with all I have. He falls, water embracing his evil with glee to … drown…choke….

Choking… I’m choking. He grabbed me. The bastard pulled me down. The fog, I couldn’t see him. I fight for every breath. I fight, my dagger cutting, slicing but I…weary. So weary, he falls but I’m deep. So very deep. Upwards, upwards, my thoughts urging me upwards but…to what? To where? I am, peaceful. My friends are safe. The drugs, the deal disrupted. The people are safe. I have something for them. The people. For my friends. The Captains. I took it, in my hand, he fell. Into the blue. But the blue surrounds me, I think. I see a forest. The forest. The great forest. Is this Corellon’s embrace? The bladesingers speak of him. Mother speaks of him. I follow him. I feel the peace, the magic, the forest. I have never known that peace. No. I must stop the Blue. Stop the Bluevine. Protect. Always…. always protecting. I’m tired. So tired. But someone wants to protect me. Corellon wants to protect me. Do I… Do I even have a choice? Maybe…. Maybe I do.


Samngliv Mils

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