Antonio Fochlucan


Dressed in the most exquisite finery tailored by skilled elven artisans, there is no mistaking his elven heritage. His golden hair is accented with grey and swept back into a ponytail. He is possessing of an arrogant smirk that would likely cause most onlookers to want to greet his face with either a fist or blunt object.


Much is unknown about this man, one thing’s for sure however and that’s that he has been stripped of everything that once gave him notoriety and influence. Having been defeated at the hands of Vanya Aeroniel, he was forced to hand over a family heirloom, his magically enchanted Fochlucan Flute. He was eventually denied his family heritage and social standing after attempting to murder the members of a newly founded contingent, known as the Enchanted Shield.

Antonio Fochlucan

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