Arthur (Deceased)

Master Detective & Scent Tracker.


Tattered and patchy fur due to a lack of natural oils and vitamins in the diet. Gaunt and skeletal in places, particularly around the ribs. A desperate look in his eyes and an anxious twitch in his step.


Arthur’s professional services were called upon by The Enchanted Shield, after the Mayor of Tint’s daughter was declared missing. An investigation was declared as the party attempted to discern her whereabouts. Having borrowed one of the young girl’s blouses, Rindle Ironbark offered the rat a handsome reward in exchange for sniffing out the familiar scent of the blouse.

Having had a rough couple of years, dealing with an unexpected litter, drug addiction and eviction from the sewers, Arthur was struggling to get himself back onto the straight and narrow. However with the promise of food, lodgings and an honest detective job, the future looks bright for Arthur.

Having been viciously attacked by a gang of ruthless homeless men, Arthur sadly paid the ultimate price. Lodging himself between Rindle Ironbark and a rusted blade saved his friends life but sadly Arthur was no more. Having been committed back to the earth, the search is on to find Arthur’s children and tell them of their father death. Rest in peace old friend, may heaven be bountiful in various cheeses.

Arthur (Deceased)

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