Proprietor of the Growing Kobold Inn


Bert is the kind and welcoming owner and barkeep of the Growing Kobold. His tavern is well known for its varied ale selection and warm and spicy goat stew. He has built the Inn up from the ground and considers it to be his child. Having close contacts with the mages guild also enables him to keep it protected and safe from most ruffians and thugs.

Business has been booming this past year, most likely due to the ever looming Liberation Day. However his latest employee, a gnome waiter from the Mountains of Gaxx, has certainly had an impact on the Taverns popularity of late. Despite an alarming number of drinks being offered guests ‘on the house’, it seems his profit margins have grown. Perhaps the wait or is somewhat of a good luck charm. He certainly managed to rid the tavern of a severe rat infestation and guests seem to find his manner entertaining.

Unfortunately his uncontrollable kleptomania has resulted in a rather bloody bar brawl, inevitably leading to a loss of custom and more importantly reputation. Fortunately his new friends have been persuaded to take him off on an adventure, perhaps Bert will get some peace and quiet for a while.


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