An unusually grumpy owl, who has a love for baguettes.


I do like baguettes

Bryan, Abandoned Factory

Bryan is a an old, weathered, tawny owl with a rather grumpy look on his face. If he isn’t eating then he just doesn’t care.


He makes his nest within the crumbling roof of an abandoned factory, a couple streets down from The Growing Kobold Inn. His distaste for humans is well known and when he isn’t feasting on unfortunate rat citizens he is often found hunting down discarded baguette sticks.

He was fortunate enough to happen upon the most unlikely of creatures, Rindle Ironbark. Rin would supply him with a regular and invariable feast of baguette scraps from the Inn in the hope of saving as many rat families as he could.

Bryan has recently been tasked with the delivery of a valuable letter, penned by the street urchin and adventurer Merora Baggins. Hopefully he is able to make the journey there and back again.


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