Krindle Dragonfire

A Wizard of Legend, said to wield the sacred flames of Dragons.


An aged dwarf distinguished by his ivory bush of a beard and sweeping moustache. He is clearly advanced in his years as various crease lines dissect his facial features. His eyes hold an intensity and a kindness, framed by his cloud like brows. He is cloaked in splendid robes of amethyst and ruby, which cling closely to his compact frame. His iron staff hums with arcane energy and green flames seem to writhe about his gloved hands.


Krindle Dragonfire, friend to dragon-kind and apprentice to the Lord of Whitewall has led a most prestigious but dangerous life. Having battled his way out of the deep caverns of the Underlands, befriended the golden dragons of the Flamereach and reunited dwarven clans of the South, he was swiftly awarded the Ruby Sceptre in return for his continued services to his people and to all those within the lands of Dragolin.

He studied alongside the fabled Wizard of Annex and was made the Regional Invocator and Sub-commanding Officer (RIASCO) of the Silver Scroll. An elite group of battlemages, charged with the protection of innocents and destruction of evil. Whilst he is committed to the training of young mages and warriors alike he also balances his work commitments with his continued research in the field of Dragon Detection and Prevention. He has won various academic awards for his progress as well as receiving the friendship and loyalty of a number of metallic dragons.

He is partial to a pipe, enjoys fine dining, walks through enchanted glades and continues to be an inspiration to the youth of today. His public appearances have dwindled recently however he is not afraid of the limelight and has hosted numerous Wizarding documentaries including but not limited to; How to Train Your Dragon I,II, III, IV; When is a Rod not a Wand; Trolls: Who needs ‘em; Planet Dragolin.

Krindle Dragonfire

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