Lady Tiann-Liise Thents

The High Lady of Coin, a mysterious and dangerous woman.


She is often clothed in exquisite dresses cut from exotic silks and hand tailored with the insignia of her Noble House. The materials seem to engulf her in the deepest of shadows and only the subtlest of golden stitching and detail betray her lithe frame. Intricately crafted silver bracers snake their way up her wrists and forearm and many bejeweled and gilded rings adorn her fingers. A necklace of black diamonds hangs regally about her neck and a silver broach inset with emeralds is pinned to her chest in the shape of a Scarab Beetle.

Her hair, raven black, is pinned in a most extraordinary fashion, one befitting the recent fashion trends of the capital. Her skin appears pale and taut across her face and her expression reveals very little, however her eyes glisten and invite you into them. Only a fool would attempt to reveal what they hide.


Lady Tiann-Liise Thents

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