Lord Thomas Esquire (Squire)

Once squire to the King, now Prince of the Western Riding


I have trained to protect this kingdom all my life, now I have a responsibility to the people of Tangsgym to ensure that peace and prosperity flourish. There are factions that would see power as their own, and I will not let this kingdom crumble. They will work together, even if they do not see me as a legitimate heir. I will not see my fathers dream bleeding upon the knives of dissent.


Many years ago, a man named Earl Tangsgym learned of his royal heritage and took on a young boy as his squire. That man helped defeat a dire evil and founded a new kingdom of peace and prosperity. His squire, known only as Squire, became known throughout the land as a kindhearted soul, who could often be seen riding upon his trusty battle-Hog.

Now a grown man, and the adopted son of the king, Squire has taken the name Thomas Esquire and is Lord of the Western Riding and prince of the realm. Though only in his twenties, Lord Esquire has made a name for himself as a proactive prince who is well known for his love of the people and many investments for the betterment of the kingdom. Of particular note are two such institutions he has had a crucial role in establishing. After much discussion with the king, the Archmage of the old guild tower and the Elven High Mages, the College of the Bladesong Knights was established. Though the tradition originated with the ancient elves, it is said that Lord Esquire was the first human to learn these unique skills, showing a previously unnoticed but surprisingly powerful aptitude for magic alongside the formidable swordplay he learned at the side of the King himself. More recently he has funded and established the Esquire foundation, more commonly known as the adventurer’s guild, hoping to carry forward the legacy of the Melford Four by creating a guild that will ensure the Kingdom might always have skilled and diverse individuals ready to answer the call of Tangsgym. Though only just established, it has attracted the attention of a variety of different factions hoping to provide companies to secure one of the four blessings that grant a place in the guild.

Lord Thomas Esquire (Squire)

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