Master Aulind Trayven

Master of the school of Bladesingers at White Ivy College


Welcome initiates, to the School of Bladesong Knights. Here we will teach you the secrets brought through millenia of Elven culture, the art of the bladesinger. You will blend it with training from the finest battlemages in Tangsgym and learn swordplay from the golden guard themselves. Your mind will be pushed to it’s limits and your body will break. You will train harder than any other in this realm and not all of you will have the drive or stamina to make it to your graduation. But to those who will, a word of encouragement. When you attain the title of Bladesong Knight, you will be one of the finest warriors, the most skilled magi, and the most stoic defenders this world has ever seen. When your kingdom calls upon you, your presence could decide whether the battle is lost or crowned in victory. Your actions will sing through the ages and not one of you will be forgotten. So, a word of warning and a warm welcome to all of you. May your swords sing on.


An ancient elf who’s heritage is dated back to the noble families of Merloin, Aulind Trayven is the Master of the School of Bladesong Knights. This position, second only to the Master of White Ivy College itself, holds considerable respect and Master Trayven carries himself appropriately. As master he never turns a willing pupil down, seeing this new school in Tangsgym as a chance to revive the largely forgotten art of the bladesinger, though he warns that most will fail. As one of the four full Bladesong knights at the school, he takes an active role in teaching and comes across as a stern but fair man. Whilst originally opposed to the incorporation of the guild mages and the training with the golden guard, he has since found that this has opened up new techniques and magics that have allowed the bladesinger to evolve and progress in new and exciting ways. This active revival and research into new techniques sits very well with Master Trayven and has led him to decree that the order in Tangsgym shall be known as the Bladesong Knights in order to recognise their unique skills and ideals.

Master Aulind Trayven

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