Tutor for the Bladesong Knights at White Ivy College


Now child, the ways of old require patience to master. You must temper yourself. Now try again, reach out and draw from the world around you. Yes, that’s it. Now hold it within yourself. Good. And channel it through into your steel, it knows the way don’t force it. Excellent!


A beautiful Elven woman who despite her youthful appearance is well over a hundred years old. During the crises of the 4th age, she moved to what is now Tangsgym to help found a new land where people could be free and know justice. It was there that she found a young boy named Korath who had wandered close to the battlefield in search of his father, who was off fighting against the evil armies of Harager Diviner. Knowing that the the battle had been lost and all the forces who stood against Harager at the temple slain, she adopted the boy, who’s own mother died during childbirth, and raised him as her own. After helping found the College of the Bladesong Knights, Naivara lent her knowledge of ancient elven battle magic and taught Korath as her first student, teaching him both magic and a strong sense of pride and protectiveness for their land and it’s people.


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