Wig & Lee (Wiggly)

A twin-headed worm with a mysterious dark side.


Wiggly is a two headed earth worm with a split personality. He is a little larger than the average worm and can often be found munching on fresh fruit and vegetables offered up by his owner Rindle Ironbark.


Wig & Lee are brothers sharing the same body. Despite their similarities, the two couldn’t be further apart in terms of their personalities. Wig is a caring and thoughtful individual, often happy to offer his owner and companion friendly advice. Conversely Lee craves power and his whispers often result in Rindle Ironbark getting in trouble.

They dwell in a small decorated wooden box which is filled with earth. Their owner is willing to protect them at most any cost. Long have they been travelling companions, often sharing stories and words of wisdom.

Wig & Lee (Wiggly)

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