Dragolin History

From the Record of Ages.

In a world of myths and magic, where do the fairytales come from? Great stories come from untold dreams of the imagination. But if the world we live in had as much magic as the air we breathe, who would dare to dream when the world was so wondrous? In the realm of Dragolin our answer lies not in science but magic. A world where tales told to generations are not of myth, but legend. Gods born, rise from the darkness through faith alone.

Tales of gods, kings and heroes each brought eras both great and terrifying. Power evolves to an ever changing world and still to this day are we uncovering more and more of our long forgotten past. Many people have theorized secret origins to our world, but amongst the scientists, philosophers and priests the world has changed forever in witnessing the great cataclysm of the aurora. It is believed that the world has grown through five separate ages. Each age has brought a great paradigm shift to our plane and perhaps to the greater planes beyond.

Grand Master of Words, Golden Citadel of Haaver, 2019th year of the 4th Age

1st Age: Primordial Epoch

The Primordial Epoch brought about the dawning of creation. Not much knowledge is known about this age, but legends say that three great gods walked amongst the universe and forged the lands with their bare hands. First came Kronos, dragon of time a being who with breathed out existence and who could devour all. Then came Oranos, Solar of force, father of the elements and master of physics. With a great smile came Gia, Alicorn of nature, who gave the world its soul. With Them came the birth of magic and the forging of the gods. From out of the magical energy came the titans who forged the essences of reality and birthed life itself. Each of the gods created life in their own ways which became the demigods of the ruling world. The Gods each crafted their unique aspects of reality and crafted the harmonious patterns of Order bringing the Primordial Epoch to a golden age.

With the ascension of the Gods the demigods were thus trusted with the evolution of the land. Their powers were oven to them with the trust that they would harness the magical energy into the bettering of the world. However the demigods became greedy and the other gods became mistrusting of each other. The demigods spread across the planes and began to steal more and more power from their masters who slowly began to become powerless eventually being lost to the ages. The creatures and creations grew out of control, and the rebellion began.

The harmonious reign of the Primordial Age came to a shattering halt as the birth of chaos invaded the throne.

2nd Age: Maelstrom Crusades

Chaos began to rule the land. All the forces of order were in peril and the harmony of the golden age had been shattered by overpowering forces. Deamons, Dragons, Devils and creatures of unimaginable terror held dominion over the land as forces of order and harmony cried out in pain for help.

The Demigods began to gain more and more power and began creating the plains in their own image. The gods felt powerless to stop them. Until the demigods began to distrust each other, and war began between the powers. The maelstrom began and forged more and more chaos. Suffering, pain and malice was all that these crusades brought.

The gods were desperate, Hatred amongst the gods was high and their creation was on the brink of destruction. Then they heard the creatures cry out in faith. Their plea was hope that someone would come to save them form the terror. This act of faith gave the gods strength to take on the chaos of the land and tame the planes once again.

The war was great and each side had many losses. The gods driven by faith and the creatures of chaos driven by wild magic. Each side became desperate and measures were taken to end the war once and for all. Each side sacrificed much power but it was all for naught. As the disciples of death marched from the spilt blood of those whose souls now belong to Nerull, God of the underworld.

The Maelstrom Crusades may have caused each side sacrifice much power. But they were tricked as each death gave more and more power to the realm of the dead. With this new power he forged seven disciples who took control of the land and at last life was a slave to death.

The Maelstrom Crusades finally were over; The Thaumaturge Dominion had begun

3rd Age: Thaumaturgy Dominion

The Thaumaturge Dominion saw the reign of the 7 necromancer kings who it is said took control over life and death itself. The severn necromancer kings took dominion of Dragolin as their dominion spreading their dread all across the land. They harnessed the power of the creatures of chaos and locked them away within the other magical plains where they can steal their energy for their own use.

The Severn Kings of Nerull
  1. Cypher The Disciple of Death
  2. Istne The Paragon of War
  3. Valenu The Heart of Disease
  4. Veccna The Undying
  5. Scarane The Murderous
  6. Luz The Pestilent
  7. Dragolin The Suffered

It is said at the darkest of times where necromancy grew into the darkness and the birth of evil grew, came a beacon of light that called the forces of good to arms. Many tales speak of the great five a fellowship of mankind who tamed the forces of evil to create the virtues of peace for all of Dragolin. Their names still echo through the land as words of inspiration and courage for all. This great party consisted of a mighty paladin Fenwick Grizzard a noble knight; Salem Ozrium a mystical wizard of the desert; Jasmine Merloin the wise elf of the earth; nimble Mogrim the dexterous; and Dahl Tangsgym the Lord of the light whose example always shone brightest in the adversity of the dark.

The Five
  • Dahl Tangsgym the Lord of the light
  • Fenwick Grizzard a noble knight of the sea
  • Salem Ozrium a mystical wizard of the desert
  • Jasmine Merloin the wise elf of the earth
  • Mogrim the wind walker

As the noble forces of the Five battled the feared armies of the Thaumaturge, their dominion was at an end. Leaving nothing but a great un-ending rift.

4th Age: Riftwake Ascension

This age was born out from a god feared war the repercussions of of which shaped the land of Dragolin forever. The Great five led the fight against a feared godly evil uniting mankind under one great empire. On the last day of the war begun a horrifying cataclysm known only as the Riftwake. None left to tell the tale. Dahl’s dying body was found but the rest remain a mystery.

The God Fearing War left a great rift on the world and within the great empire. The rule was handed down the bloodlines in honour of the great five. But without their leadership and reputations holding the alliance together tensions arose between the kingdom and with the new enemies arriving the land was divided up into separate rule destroying the great Empire of Dragolin and the great five forever.

5th Age: Aurora Almanac

The catastrophic rift reshaped the structure and very fabric of society when it erupted into a great cataclysmic Aruroa. The sky tore open and other worlds began to leak through showing all of us that our world is not alone. Tensions drew between old allies breaking bonds and bringing new freedoms. The day that the alliance ended a new age began. This great cultural shift was to be forever embedded within the world. The elves recorded this new age as “nosta en’ i templa mandu” (abbreviated to T.M.), the birth of the magical abyss. The calendar began at the recording of this new epoch leaving the age of “heru gorge ohta” (abbreviated to H.O) to fall into religion, myth & legend.

Dragolin History

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