Dragolin Kingdoms



Kingdoms of the Old Alliance

Within the height of the fourth age the remnants of the Great Five continued the legacy of the five into the divine alliance. The intention of the alliance was to unite the kingdoms under one banner in hopes of peace but ongoing struggles continued on tensions between the kingdoms almost brought all out war amongst the kingdoms. In the dawning of the fifth age at the height of the chaos the medford four emerged bringing hope and quelling the chaos. The casualty of this new age was the end of the old ways and the disassembly of the old alliance. Tensions between the kingdoms have never been higher, with a short tempered truce amongst old friends peace has never seemed further away.



Lands of the Ancient Empire

Grizzard is the last empire of the Alliance of the Great Five. At the end of the third age the Grizzalin Empire covered two thirds of the known world unifying many cultures. Gizzard is often referred to as a Kingdom when it is still big enough to be an Empire. Ruled by High King George Griffon the nation is split into five territories, governed by one of five Jarls each who hold office bearing a symbol of one of the five ancient families.

The Five Territories of Grizzard
  • Grizalin – Honor of Heart
  • Accord – Valour in Union
  • Risualt – Forrest of Compassion
  • Tular – Soulful Coast
  • Califfe – Cliffs of Justice

The Kingdom hold a great pride in its heritage and is heavily devout to the Faith of the Five. They believe heavily in the tenants of the Five and take great pride in the glory of the nation.



Gateway of the Feywild

Named after the first elven lady, Merloin is a kingdom built on traditions of the ancient Eladrin. Stories say that its plains hold powerful secrets of magic and its home city is a gateway to the feywild. The elvish culture originating from Merloin is deeply enriched with a great philosophy in the heritage of Ancestry, and the Nobility of Honour. The Lands are governed by the great elven families honouring the Eladrin settlers of old.

Eladrin Families
  • Ingolë – House of the Arcane
  • Nárë – House of Fire
  • Vista – House of Air
  • Kemen – House of Earth
  • Nénar – House of Water
  • Ambar – House of Nature



Pride of the Mountain Lords

The modern home to the dwavern people. Traditionally the dwarvern people have come from Ogunyl but the giants overthrew the dwarvern lords and drove them across the gulf. In the Fourth age the elves gave the dwarves the mountains of Merloin to call their home. Ever since they have dug in deep and held a strong front against all adversaries. The dwarves are master crafters and expert sailors and their kingdom extends to dwellings within the under dark. The Lands are ruled by the Dwarvern Lords chosen by faith in the great all father to rule over the mountains. When a Lord dies a new one is chosen though communion with the great all father.



Annex of the Great Rift

Dragolore detached themselves from the Grizzalin Empire early within the fourth age upon the discovery of an inherently powerful magical rift irradiating from within its tattered shores. The lands beyond the mountain are smothered in a thick magical atmosphere, which can bring great gifts to those who wield the arcane energies, or suffocate those who don’t. The land is treacherous and the last untamed landscape within the realm. It is the blank canvas of the gods pallet. The kingdom is ruled by a ill-tempered dictator, Baron Thebus Hoggreeve who has a hatred for all untamed magic. His forces may be few, but his men wield deadly powers with a strong resilience to all magic-kind. Rumours say that within the borders of Dragolore are many powerful secrets waiting to be found; some say that this land is the gateway to the realms beyond, others say that those that tame the land can wield the powers of the gods, while others say that deep in the heart of the rift lies the hidden city of annex the home of Boccob’s children.

Kingdoms of the Gulf

Gax, Tangsgym, FaAle, Karak, Khait, Kitsualt, Haaver, Blackwall

The central nations surrounding the gulf have been the centre stage of most conflicts through the ages. the Great Five used the centre as the heart of their empire, uniting all kingdoms through union and faith. Upon their demise at the rift break, this area of land has been continuously fought over. At the end of the fourth age at the slow dissolution of the Empire, Blackwall began a fierce conquest to unite the centre nations for their own. However through years of resilience they were pushed back, but at the cost of old friends losing allies. Today the gulf is still valuable territory with years of damage sealing the eastern kingdoms away from the west. Those that rule the paths through the Gulf, rule the kingdoms.



Mountains of the Giant King

Once reigned by Dwarven rule in the dawn of the Fourth age within the great city of Nebi. Through strength of will, the strong arm of Ogunyl tricked the giants, overthrowing the Dwarf lord giving dominion onto Blackwall. At the end of the Fourth age the Archmage Drenches Tint, Wizard of annex, expels the invaders liberating the giants through the will of diplomacy and arcane might. Today the land of Gax is a land of the brave, home for those that can survive its unyielding environment. Gax is a labarynth of mountains protecting a hidden valley and a sacred forrest of pure crystal. Within the valley is an estuary swimming deep into the Vilhelmi gulf, sailing at the heart of the waters is Watch, the last port of civilisation. It is said that the Wizard of annex hides his tower deep within the treacherous mountains watching over the Kingdom of Tangsgym and worlds beyond the horizon.



Estates of the Arch-Council

Tangsgym might be a young kingdom, but it is plentiful in heritage. Founded by the Melford Four, the first Archcouncil of Tangsgym, ruled by the Archlord King Dahl II claiming his nobility from the bloodline of the Great Five liberating his kingdom from the hands of the Grizzalin Empire. Each year the Kingdom celebrates the day of Liberation, the founding of the kingdom and the freedom given to its people. Tangsgym is a proud country filled with vast plains filled with fine resources. Trade is at the very heart of the Kingdom, and its river is the veins. A home of various diverse cultures strengthened by its strong Dwarvern and Human foundations.



Homeland of the Free-people

FaAle is a true republic of people represented in a democratically governed populace. The republic is home to a majority of halflings who call their hills home; their land is filled with forests, shires, and hills. Lost to the north is a lonely peak known as the silver cliff home to the fallen kings castle. Once beautiful and full of riches, today it is an unknown monument, broken and in ruins. A fallen relics of the old kingdom. FaAle was once a great Kingdom and an ally of the Grizzling Empire, its lands once claimed ownership over lands of Tangsgym and Karak. Nearing the end of the fourth age and the last King died the people claimed ownership of their own land. The people claimed that at last they were truly free. But then came the cataclysm that brought in the new age. War, famine, poverty, troubles beyond belief coming with the onslaught of the Priate King. The republic is breaking, their freedom threatened, and the government din dissolution. Their peoples hopes lay on Protector General Stahn to bring their freedom back to its former glory.



The Pirate Nation

The people of Karak originate from the savage cannibalistic tribes of Karak Isle, south of Khait. They sailed the southern seas claiming all as their own. These people are cruel, barbaric warriors that bow only to the pirate king and fear only spirit of the sea. The armies of Karak are filled with obedient slaves, fulfilling the will of their masters through fear and the promise of loyal freedom. The lands of Karak are heard of being hollow vessels of their former likeness. Their riches reaped for the peoples of Karak Isle to enjoy. They burn their culture into the grounds they set foot on.



Desert of Illusions

Khait is a desert kingdom that borders around a great desert of Illusion,
The Imago Desert. It is an untamed land of the desert, the kingdom of Khait has never crowned a king and it is said that only the man who can tame the desert will be crowned. The desert is enchanted with a great power and is believed that the hallucinations can come true.
There is no King or head of state, the land of Khait has no real ruler or laws other than the morals guided by the illusionists and folk of the desert. The state is guided by the will of the governors senate; the leaders of the five city states of Khait. However people believe that Khait is truly ruled over by the Illusionist university within the city of Khait. As myths and legends talk of a great illusionist, a chosen of Khait Son of Boccob who tamed the desert and wields the power of the great desert illusion. It is said that he is the true king of Khait and the only king who can bring Khait to a new prosperous future. However no one knows where he is or his real name, so in his stead the university guides the students and the governors in the ways of the grand illusionist.



Earth of the Underdwellers

A fledgling nation abandoned to ruin by their former rulers, Blackwall. The birth of the fifth age forged a great cataclysm where a falling star fell deep into the mountain of kitsualt. Its heart bled with a deep, volcanic chaos tearing deep beneath the mountain forging a fierce volcano. As their lords abandoned them, the people were in panic looking for someone to turn to. From the volcanic life blood emerged a being unlike any other; unknown creatures, the forgers of flame and masters of magma known as the Kalif sect. They salvaged the peoples of Kitsualt and in their traditions forged the castle of brass deep within the magma. The people of Kitsualt today are a mix of peoples from the underlands of old and the citizens of blackwall. They are ruthless, answer only to the Kalif sect and only respect strength.



Forrests of the Almanac

Haaver is a forrest of scholars descending from the ancient Eladrin family of Ambar. Originally the Kingdom of union, the centrepiece of the Great Five, as the heart of all the kingdoms of life. The forrest is ancient and its roots have been growing since the first age. Many secrets are still hidden within the forrest only being found by those truly lost. Today Haaver is the kingdom of the woodland elves, with wild tribes and clans throughout the deep jungles of the forrest, as one with nature. Scattered along the rivers of the Ambar lake are the Towns of Hal-Ambar, the half elven culture of the Haavern Forrest. On the eastern edge of the forrest is the capitol city of Forrett and the golden citadel of the Almanac. This is the holy city of the Ancient Pantheon and all those who believe their gods are children of the ancient three are welcomed into this hallowed place. True priests of the almanac ascend from the highest religious orders served by the clerics of the Five. The Faith of the Five see Haaver as their home as the true scholars of the forrest. They uphold the words of the five protecting the scrolls of virtue and keeping the union of the Almanac strong as the fives last dream of peace.



_ Glory Isolates our Lands_

The glorious nation of Blackwall has closed its borders to all outsiders since the dawn of the fifth age. The people are loyal, proud and extremely devoted to the order of Kaiser Goth. Blackwall was once a kingdom in the Grizzalin empire, but rebellion overthrew their reign and put it into the hands of the occult order “The Children of Dragolin”. Within the fourth age the leaders of the cult have been eliminated by the Melford Four and all that was left was the remnants of their religious order. At the dawn of the fifth age a star fell into the monetary of Blackwall city, and then their was blood. A sea of blood baptised the new order of Blackwall as the Oligarchy fell leaving only the chosen one; the dynasty of Goth. Now Blackwall has cut off all ties to the outside world; made peace with waring nations, built a wall at its borders, banished the medford four from ever entering their borders. May their isolation bring glory.

Kingdoms of the Western Walls

Mogrim, Rindle, Sylbatch, Lempi, Jargoss, Ogunyl



The True Kingdom of the West

Mogrim is a realm of the Five with its nobility descending from Mogrim himself. Once the Mogrim empire ruled the entire western continent but thought the years the Mogrim dynasty has been unkind and tyrannical to its people forcing civil war. As the empire began to crumble
the kingdoms split away into four leaving only a fraction of its former glory. The Kingdom still lays claim to all of the west defeating all that gets in their way. With a war on four fronts the war was throughout to be lost in a year, but it lasted an age with the clever deception of tricking each kingdom to betray another. The last rightful king of Mogrim is now died and the true war for Mogrim has only just begun. The Nobles of Mogrim have chosen their successor and are determined to reclaim their lost land. However the other kingdoms all wish to claim the throne as their own.



Riders of the Plains

Rindle was the last loyal family to the throne of Mogrim and the Rindilians were offered this principality by the King himself in exchange for their protection. Now the Kings line is gone the King of Rindle claims to be the next true air to the Western throne. The people of Rindle are skilled horse riders and are religious in the ways of the old religions. To the north is the mountain city of Icco and the sun temple of pelor. The capitol of Hamadain is protected by a strong navy that guard their southern shores from the pirates of Nazir. Their greatest enemy is the people of Sylbatch who believe are the traitors that assassinated the true King of the west.



Merchants of the Seas

Sylbatch is a nation of merchants who in the beginning bought the city of Sylbatch off the King. Since then their main weapon has been their money bartering their way to creating their own nation. Sylbatch is a republic to the highest bidder. Those people with the highest shares in the nation have a greater role in leading even cities are ruled by the most influential merchants. The people of Sylbatch believe in freedom through ability, if you have the means you can make a difference. Their greatest enemies are the people of Lempi who betrayed their trust. Lempi tricked them into making a deal of buying their kingdom for the highest price, stealing their resources and unleashing a horde of giants onto the capitol city of Sylbatch.



Forrest of Honour

Lempi is a kingdom of oriental cultures and ancestral honour. The people of Lempi began the Civil War against the king in retaliation against his selfish oppression of their people. The ruling family of Lempi originates from the Eladrin family of Ingole and has descended into a high elven race overseeing the half elven populace. They live in the principals of honouring those who respect the will of the ancestors. Their two biggest cities surround the great lake of Cita the spirit of the people. Lempi has been home to some of the most influential magic users of Dragolin. Deep in the south of Lempi lies the tower of Thundrac, a wizarding academy run by the great wizard Mordekin and the Arcane Order. The greatest enemy of the people of Lempi is the Kingdom of Rindle, who dishonoured Lempi in defending the treacherous king.



Guardians of the North

Unlike the other kingdoms of the west, Jargoss has no intention of claiming or protecting the throne of the west, but guarding the people from the horrors of the north. For centuries the Kingdom of Jargoss has been guarding against the unspeakable creatures of Ogunyl who ceaselessly attempt to conquer the rest of Dragolin. The people of Jargoss are often thought of as barbarians with nothing concerned with nothing but triumph in battle. The people of Jargoss are great worshipers in nature and regard the celtic druids with high regard. They believe they are the last guardians of life fighting the onslaught of dread. The High society of Jargoss is earned only by those who are proven victorious against the enemies of the north.



Barrons of Colossus

Ogunyl is a cold barron realm free from the reign of man. Ages long since gone the land was once ruled by the dwarves, however the creatures grew too wild and devoured all civilisation. It is believed that the creatures are of pure chaos and only a god could tame such beasts. However others believe that deep within the dwarvern runs of Morg lies the Censar the Mad a colossal being of power who can wield the power of chaos and wishes to crush the reign of man. Dragolin cannot gain peace until the realm of Ogunyl has been reclaimed.

Dragolin Kingdoms

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