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Here is the main hub of information on the great world of Dragolin as known in the 5th age. Within this knowledge base is information known to the party. If there is anything missing that you would like to know more on please post your interest here The knowledge base is split into three sections of scale, Continent (Dragolin), Kingdom (Tangsgym) & Province (Tint), as to help distribute information at the appropriate scale.


World of Dragolin

Dragolin is one of the three great continents of the Triune. The culture of Dragolin is as diverse as its heritage leaving the world in constant turmoil deriving from wars fought in the ancestral ages of old. At the dawning of the new age, Dragolin witnessed a great aurora of interdimensional Borealis bleeding from the sky leading many philosophers to be proven that we are not alone in this world. The chaos of the Borealis brought great political tensions, breaking alliances forging new enemies and bringing the new 5th age to the world.

* History
* Religion
* Kingdoms


Kingdom of Tangsgym

Tangsgym is one of the youngest kingdoms in Dragolin being forged just before the dawn of the 5th age. Tangsgym is a Kingdom founded by the Melford Four, the first Archcouncil of Tangsgym. The kingdom itself is ruled by the Archlord of the council King Dahl II claiming his nobility from the bloodline of the Great Five liberating his kingdom from the hands of the Great Grizzalin Empire. Each year the Kingdom celebrates the day of Liberation, the founding of the kingdom and the freedom given to its people. Tangsgym is a proud country that has made many enemies over the years.

* Background
* Hierachy
* Regions


City of Tint

Tint is a City State in the heart of the Drenchlands ruled over by the Grand Duchess Alicia Ivythorne and her son Earl Theodore Ivythorne Lord Mayor of Tint. Tint is the biggest city of Tangsgym (after the capital city of Melford) and is the central trade hub out of the kingdom. Tint is a city known for its quality trade, magical heritage and fine cuisine. A grand city of opportunity, intrigue and artifice. Great things can come to those with great potential.

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The Enchanted Shield

This area of the Wiki is a place for the PC’s to help create. A little wiki for the company you guys will develop. Info on the characters. the overall wealth you have and the achievements you have claimed.

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