Party Timeline

Draconian Calendar

As the age grows, must the calendar once again change. As we enter a new age a lifetime of new possibilities await all of us. The days of old will slowly become long forgotten and fall into myth. The calendar will reset in the 5th age to one again align with the great cycle of the sun and the moon. The calendar will be written with twelve months and seven days as a symbol of the almanac and its grand union. As the gods themselves rewrite the pantheons of great cosmic power must we remember we are not at the end but at a beginning.

Grandmaster of the Words. Citadel of Haaver. The ending ceremony of the 4th Age

10th year of the 5th Age

Days Months
Monday Pelorin
Tuesday Lareth
Wednesday Morad
Thursday Yondar
Friday Obad
Saturday Gruum
Sunday Giltol


Different religions and regions have different celebrations and special days. The following are the nationally appreciated holidays in Dragolin.

Party Timeline

Year Month Day Event
5-10 Giltol Saturday 4th Liberation Day
Party Met
Party killed Black Iron thugs
Sunday 5th Inauguration Ceremony
Earl’s Banquet
Vanya defeated Antonio Fochlucan and earned his flute
Party founded The Enchanted Shield
Enchanted Shield joined the Prince’s Trust
Monday 6th Party had a day off
Party researched magic Items
Merora earned the title “Mage Snatcher”
Tuesday 7th Began work with The Prince’s Trust
Started investigations into The Legend of the Barguest
Conflict with the Mutz
Wednesday 8th

Party Timeline

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