Prince's Trust

Foundations of Trust

This is a Work in Progress

Prince Thomas Esquire. City of Tint. 10th Year of the Fith Age

The Trust

Uniting, Developing, Saving, Encouraging


  • Uniting the factions will save the Kingdom.
  • Everyone deserves a chance to make something of themselves.
  • Opportunities arise when we work together.


The Prince’s Trust was established in the 10th year of the Fifth age to establish an order of adventurers to unite the kingdom under. It was established as the first act of the newly crowned prince of Tangsgym as a way to bring faith to the people of his leadership. The purpose of the order was to establish an adventurers guild in the kings name. Develop adventurers into valuable members of the kingdom that will not just help out the factions of Tangsgym and bring them around to uniting under one banner. Many people have been outspoken in their disapproval of the Trust and the Prince, but it is in the Prince’s hope that his adventurers will show what good the trust can do.

Prince's Trust

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