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Their is a lot of ancient lore amongst the people of Tangsgym, while the kingdom may be young the land is filled with forgotten secrets. Whispers and rumours swirl and spiral and come myth and legend but truth can only be uncovered by those willing to seek it

Curse of the King Fool

Long before the lands of Tagsgym were occupied by Grizzlin, the lands of Fal-Ariaine (now FaAle) were ruled by the King Immon. Immon had desires to be a great king of legend that drove him to madness burning down his kingdom. It is said that he drowned in the marshes while his loyal subjects watched, refusing to help. Many songs were sung about the mad king and many poems written rumouring his cursed return to the living to finish what he had begun.

Poem of the King Fool

Court of the Hidden Eye

Deep within Tangsgym lays a secret coven known as the court of miracles. They can offer great dreams to those who seek their deepest desires at the servitude of the assassins known infamously as the Hidden Eye. Upon a blue moon they meet and if you can find them they will offer your wishes. They say everything is permitted, at the right price.


Coins all over Dragolin are minted using different coin types but primarily use a simple gold standard. Each Kingdom will mint their own currency that is primary used in their regions but many will still be based the simple value of the metal the coins are made of. Many traders will have names for the coins used, here is the commonly used terms for coins in Tangsgym based on the Treasury’s coin designs.


Coin Type Value Design Name
Platinum 10:1 Mystic Light Rune
Gold 1:1 Kingdom Seal Crowns
Electrum 1/2:1 Four pointed star Farthing
Silver 1/10:1 Deer Shilling
Copper 1/100:1 Feathers Pennies

Gems and Scrolls are often used to exchange monetary values higher than platinum. Scrolls are promises of money in either a kingdom’s or factions treasury or within a bank, the money must be in the treasury. Gems value is dependant of the quality of the jewel as measured in crowns.

Tint Culture

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