Tint Districts

An Extract of the First Lord Mayor’s Liberation Day Speech

As Archmage Tint anointed my family as the Lord Protectors of the Drenchlands, I Earl Theodore Ivythorne hereby give governing power to its people. On this day, the first day of liberation in the fifth age, I declare that the City of Tint is to be divided into fourteen districts as guided by the borders of the surrounding rivers. These districts will be ruled by a governing council of lords who each will govern the laws of the city as the Lord Mayors Council sees fit. Justice be done in the name of the king and the arch-council.

Earl Theadore Ivythorn of Tint, 1st year of the 5th Age.


City of Tint

Bayou bay

Governed by Lord Horrace Marshfield of the Bargemen.

The Bayou was once a rich district of tint with cultural inspirations from the great Ardotaur forest to the north. However in the great aurora the rivers flooded and destroyed this district now become a swampy land mass. Buildings are said to have still survived and many inhabitants still live in this area as a solemn slum for refugees. People say that many great treasures and secrets still lie within the watery ruins of the Bay.


Governed by Alderdale Coinlock of the Traders Ring.

Deliborough is the central merchants district of the City. The boroughs of this district all connect to the central trader’s ring, the central traders federation for the kingdom of Tangsgym. The area is rich in varying cultures, inventory and fine delicacies from all around Dragolin. Their is always a merchant looking for a hand fixing a problem or two.


Governed by Bishop Mark Baptist of the Almanac.

Templeton is a high founded religious district, holding the cathedral of the Almanac and the Court of the Five within its borders. Its architecture is rather grad and detailed in its design often depicting various religious symbols and figures within the stone of the buildings. People of Templeton are often highly spiritual in nature and will favor those who follow the ideologies of the gods they believe in. The lord will provide for those who believe.


Governed by Judge Malek Feign of the Five.

Trademinster is the political capital of the city as it is the central district housing City Hall at its epicenter. Everyday the people here will be governing the people through the guiding will of Kings representatives and the Lords Council. Not only does Trademinster govern the City, but the whole county of the Drenchlands under the will of Duchess Alicia Ivythorne. Many people come here to schmoose their way into the aristocracy but only few have ever succeeded.


Governed by Commander Edwin Bow of the City Watch.

The Kingsland is royal land owned by the crown. People are only allowed onto the island under invite by the crown. The Lord Protector of the land are the family of Ivythorne appointed the title of Duke by Archmage Drenches Tint. The grounds holds the Grand Dukes palace as well as the City Watch keep. Great plans are made within these grounds and many treasures hide within its walls.


Governed by Mayor Moran Cobble of the people.

Homestead is the key residential area of the city bringing in cultural influences of the Haflings and of the City of Melford. The people here are often quaint and happy with their modest and comfy lifestyles. The people of this district vote in their leader as Mayor of the borough and is always changing at the whim of whoever is popular. People are always looking for a chance to be the mayor and many look for a chance to influence.


Governed by John Underland of the Underiron.

Werehold is the industrial district of the city. Many trade goods are imported and exported to warehouses in this area. Many items are forged and constructed here and move on to places around the world to be sold. People often say that where Deliborough is the heart, Homestead is the soul but the Werehold is the muscle. There is always an odd job going here as there are unlikeable characters wishing to relieve the Werehold of its wares.


Governed by Barack Thunder of the Freemasons.

Dwarmyr is the dwarvern district of the City built and overseen by the Freemasons. The district is a center of stonemasonry and metalwork amongst traditional the northern Dwarvish culture of the Thunderclan. The buildings are built from hard dwarvern metal and stone built in the stoneforge, the hub of the Thundercal Freemasons. Tint is a city home to a variety of dwarvern culture and a growing population of halfdwarfs. This is a very proud district offering prosperity to those who bring honor brought to their clan.


Governed by Mage Master Aulind Trayven of the Ivythorne College.

Highholm is a rich district that is saturated in the magical culture of the founded by the Library of Boccob. Inhabited mainly with magic users of all varieties, this district is a magical haven for all those Honored by the universities of the arcane order. Amongst the magic lay the wealthy, paying fortunes for comfortable living in the center of Tint. At the center of the district is the White Ivy College. A scholarly place of study in the magic arts and unearthed arcana. Those who seek great knowledge will find great opportunities here.


Governed by Elowin Rindlefe of the Blue Starr Vinyards.

Evesworth is an elven district opening its grounds to ambassadors of other kingdoms. Entertainers, mercenaries and wineries inhabit the culture of the district inhabiting elven inspired architecture. The elven culture in the city is surprisingly little compared to that of the half elves within the city. However the half elves take great pride in their elven heritage and seek to reclaim their forgotten traditions. The half elves of Evesworth are always looking for an opportunity to prove their worth.


Governed by Boris Clock of the Black Quill.

Auchire is an interesting district of secrets, antiques and artwork. Auchire is the high rollers trade district dealing in high value items many of which are held at auction. The nightlife of Auchire is abundant, filled with gambling, bars, brothels and much more than meets the eye. Secrets are abundant amongst the high rollers and many more opportunities.


Governed by Master Felix Greyhawk of the Guildmasters.

Eastfell is the largest district in the city holding Archmage park. Deep within the park lies the grand gardens of the Guild Hall. This district is run by the Guildmasters, within the depths of the grand gardens are the society halls of each of the leading guilds. Eastfell is filled with a culture abundant with mercenaries and hirelings. Eastfell is a welcome home to adventurers.


Governed by Patron Henry Forge of the Ironbridge

Halelock is the harbor district bringing its cultural influences from the people of the underdark and the gnome shipwrights of the north. A place of innovation and construction mainly funded by the inventor Henry Forge. The great symbol of this industrious district is the great Iron Bridge. A gladiatorial arena for adventurers to show their worth. The districts patron has many opportunities for adventurers in and out of the arena.

Little Kitsualt

Governed by Felix Silverhand of the Silver Steel

Little Kitsualt is a district heavily engulfed in the old culture of the refugees of the Underdark. The city is deep and dark and full of people out for a quick coin. The District is disobedient and full of shady characters. Gangs fight in the street over petty crimes and are always looking for people to work for their cause.

Tint Districts

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