Dawn of a New Age

In the depths of the Triune at the dawning of the fifth age lies Dragolin and the Kingdom of Tangsgym. As the old alliance has fallen and kingdoms of the old empire free from their shackles, people look onto the new world with liberty, hope and opportunity. But when the light shines brightest the shadows are often the darkest, as cunning, hate and malice have the will to corrupt. In times of great uncertainty the fate of the world can often fall to into the hands of the most unlikely few.

Into the Drenchlands

Our story begins in the city of Tint; a city of adventure and intrigue at the heart of Tangsgyms trade network. On the great day of liberation the most unlikely of allies join together as they begin their journey onwards into the free world. They will explore the nature of true freedom and the real cost to claim it? However our party will always find themselves caught in the middle of fun, excitement and mischief wherever they go.

The World as we Know it

The game is a city-based game in the heart of a custom world using Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The Parables of Tangsgym is an intrigue game focusing on themes of freedom and exploration allowing the players to help change the world they inhabit through in game choices and developments. The game is currently being played as an online tabletop game utilizing roll20 as a virtual tabletop in tandem to using Obsidian Portal as a knowledge base.

Excited? Join in,

Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym

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