Vanya Aeroniel

A bard who has sailed the seas of Dragolin...


The adventurers have learned the following about Vanya:

Vanya was once a slave, held captive by pirates in the south of Dragolin. They used her for entertainment, among other things. It was a pitiful existence, though her skills as a Bard gave her a slightly better existence than many of her fellow slaves.

After years of ‘service’ to these cruel men, she finally found an opportunity for escape. Aided by the Bloodhawke gang, she was able to escape to Tint in Tangsgym; perfect due to its lack of a serious body of water. Due to the high risk of her escape, she owed a lot of money to the Bloodhawke gang. It has taken her years of service to them to pay it off. but she is finally free from the crutches of slavery or indirect criminal activity.

With a brutal brand concealed on her chest, she tries to keep this aspect of her history secret, due to its dangerous nature – if the pirates found out where she was, there would be a heavy price on her head.

Vanya Aeroniel

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