Tangsgym Hierarchy

Archcouncil The Royal Order People’s Senate

The Kingdom of Tangsgym was founded by a Tetrachy, known as The Archcounil who oversee the constitutional monarchy of Tangsgym. The Monarchy and the Tetrachy are seen as two separate entities that are set up to protect the governing interests of the people and to prevent corruption from taking control.


The Arch-council better known as the medford four are the founding fathers of the country of Tangsgym amongst other things. In regards of the kingdom their purpose is to protect the greater interests of the nation and all things under the protection of the council. The Archcouncil’s responsibilities within the kingdom is to council the governing bodies of the kingdom how they see fit, protecting the greater interests of the kingdom. The council itself do not govern the people but guide them. The Council oversee the instigation of new laws into the kingdom and have executive immunity to the governing powers of the king.

Seats of the Arch Council

Name Title Domain Virtue
Earl Tangsgym King Dahl II King of Tagsgym Valour
Drenches Tint Wizard of Annex Avatar of the Circle Sacrifice
Mynas Straggle Inquisitor of Pelor Chosen of the Almanac Justice
Tianne Liese Thents Lady of Coin Queen of Hearts Compassion


The responsibility of the Constitutional Monarchy is to govern the interests of the people of Tangsgym and ensure the individual counties are properly governed. Currently the key governing body of the state is guided by King Dahl the second of Tangsgym. His power is subsequently divided into the relevant lords who rule over the lands on his behalf and the senate; collective representatives of influential factions. Amongst these ruling bodies the King has assembled an administration of the Royal Order. A trustworthy council of individuals who’s factions are loyal to the Crown who work directly in the kings name. They each govern a specific aspect of the kings rule as an expert in their chosen field.

The Royal Order

The trusted council as appointed by his majesty.

Name Faction Title
Archbishop Quintet Church of the Five Chief Justice
Archmage Feysight Arcane Order Speaker of Order
Treasurer Gridlock Credit Union Chancellor of the Treasury
Lord Raven Raven Guard Minister of Intelligence
General Atreus Kingsmen Royal Marshal
Master Armstrong Traders Federation Secretary of State
Lord Lochar Duke of Thentail Protector of the Eastern Riding
Prince Thomas The Crown Prince of the Western Riding

Founding Families

The birth of Tangsgym began with ten families. Each family built up the kingdom with their unique strengths. As a reward for their services the King appointed them as his representative within regions of the Kingdom to rule the regions on his behalf as Duke’s and Duchesses. Now they only answer to the Royal Family ruling each of the ten districts in their own way dividing up the regions into counties and city states under the watch of their chosen Counts and Earls.

The Founding Families of Tangsgym

Family Region Influence Ideals Symbol
Armstrong Earlridge NW Agriculture Honor & Glory Ox
Atreus Pennygrove NC Military Greater Good & Pride Gauntlet
Dax Oranwall SE Mercenaries resourceful & Independent Three Swords
Diener Mynshire NE Piety Faith & Honor Bear
Fey Daxford CS Academics Charity & Intellect Satyr
Ivythorne Drenchlands SW Merchantry Indulgence & Might White Ivy
Lochar Thenby CE Alchemy Love & Community Owl
Lockheart Dahlion CC Economics Live & Let Live Locked Heart
Robur Taurford CW Nature Beauty & Balance Red Rose
Thents Cinderdale CSE Coin Cunning & Carefull Scarab

Peoples Senate

The senate is a parliament of representatives of the collectively influential factions of Tangsgym primarily split up into two houses; House of Lords and House of Commons. The House of Lords is a honorary title of seats of all the regional governors of the kingdom. All lords who own land as representative of the King hold a seat here. The House of Commons is filled with each faction to hold influence within the kingdom upon invite by the king. This house is filled with representatives from each faction to hold debate over the people’s opinions of law and order. they devise new policies for the House of lords and the king to commission. Where the house of lords gains governing powers, the house of commons does not.

Tangsgym Hierarchy

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