Poem of the King Fool

High upon Silvered Cliffs lays King and Keep,
His Silence Breeds ill Ambitions of Pride,
Grand Dreams of Kingdoms Great and Pockets Deep,
A King of Legend people Love and Bide,
If Built with Compassion would come in Time,
But Forged with Obsession madness will Prime.

Deep within Lonely Fog laid Fool mask of Black,
A Shadow Man with Gifts of Desire,
Soul full Deal, but with Price in Payment Back,
But King dares Deal for Deeds from Dark Liars,
“I Wish to Be a King of All things Great,
Come Take my Deal o’Fool and Change my Fate.”

“Greatness of Soul only comes From Within,
The Deal for Which this Gift can Not be Made,
Is Gift you Earn and Never Is Given,
But Deathly Soul Pledged for Dreams can Aide,
Out Pact of Blood for Sight this King be Done,
For You will Not be Harmed by Anyone.”

Darkness like Disease Poisons Cruel kings Mind,
His Truth a Scythe reaping Fields of Lies,
A Law re Wrote with Hate and Pride com Bind,
Thee Meek and Uncouth Screaming as each Dies,
Out Untouchable King sees Each in Turn,
Not Worthy of his Gift and Thus shall Burn.

NO said his People Bleeding As they Cried,
Your Arrogance so Shallow left Us Betrayed,
And Cruelty So great Shall not Break our Pride,
You Shant be Harmed But will Be re Payed.
With Your skin untouched We burn Down your Thrown
Every One you Love and Every Thing you Own.

Silvered cliffs Decayed To fools Fog un Found,
His Kingdom’s Heart a Boggy Marsh down Fall,
In Escape Rotten King Trapped and Drowned,
Never Harmed Never Helped at All.
“A Curse I Place up On my Sacred Land,
my Blood be King and My kingdom be Grand.”

Thus Ends the Tale of the King Fool of Old,
May His soul Lay deep Under black Roots Gold.

Poem of the King Fool

Dragolin Fables: Parables of Tangsgym Samngliv Samngliv